Laughter Wellness Classes

Laughter Wellness: Meet, Play, LaughLaughter Wellness is a simple and effective system of methods to boost health and joy among many other benefits. This body-mind exercise system uses laughter, breathing exercises, meditation and playfulness to create feel-good chemistry in the body to support a positive mental attitude.

Simulated laughter (not based on humour) creates the same physiological effects as genuine laughter – see some of the fantastic health and wellbeing benefits of this below. This is a fun practice that elevates individuals and groups into a higher vibration of living – living from the heart.

Laughter Wellness was created by Sebastien Gendry of the American School of Laughter Yoga. He has been involved with the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement at the highest level since 2005.

Laughter Wellness is especially useful when you are going through a hard time emotionally, mentally or physically – it helps you to choose to laugh and smile when you don’t feel like it. Laughter Wellness is accessible to all ages and health conditions – you can even do it in a chair!


“From the first class of Laughter Wellness, I could feel the difference of how I felt improved within 5 minutes of the class. I have a medical condition which restricts me from physical activity. These exercises even helped my lungs expand and I left the class feeling so happy. I felt that it changed my emotions and I could feel I did a workout even though we were just laughing. The laughing makes me happy and keeps me positive. I would highly recommend this to anyone of all ages especially those who are experience some sort of health issue.” – Irene, Coogee

Benefits of Laughter Wellness include:

  • Cardio exercise without effort – it’s fun!
  • Strengthens respiratory system
  • Stress relief & relaxation – body and mind
  • Releases feel-good hormones – effective pain relief
  • Improves immune system
  • Increases oxygen intake and circulation
  • Enhances right-brain activity such as creativity
  • Improves self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief
  • Boosts resilience in life
  • Builds communication and social skills
  • Encourages inner peace – so you are accepting of self and others
  • Peace, Love & Joy at an individual, group and universal level


About the teacher

Molly Furzer is a certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 2. She also holds Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification (the second highest qualification in the Laughter Yoga movement) and has been trained in Laughter Wellness directly by the creator, Sebastien Gendry. Molly brings to this practice her skills in yoga teaching – pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation – plus her long-standing interest in spiritual personal development and intuitive ability to read class dynamics for effective teaching.

Laughter Wellness sessions

Yoga’scool offers Laughter Wellness in community classes, private group classes, government and corporates, hen’s parties, festivals and events. Please contact to make a booking.