Laughter Wellness for seniors & aged care

Laughter Wellness is beneficial for any age or health condition, but its results are particularly exciting in the case of seniors and those in aged care. In these age groups, people typically become less physically active, have more health problems (both physical and mental) and become more isolated from their community and families. Laughter Wellness can help to improve their overall wellbeing (see a full list of benefits here.)

Physical benefits

Laughter Wellness can be practiced seated and provide a form of exercise and gentle stretching that is available to most abilities and highly effective to boost circulation, increase oxygen intake and increase body movement. Perception of physical pain can be dramatically shifted after a session.

Mental benefits

Laughter Wellness increases the ability to laugh without humour, so one can receive the benefits of laughter in times of need. With just one session, participants feel more joy and happiness. One of the most common remarks after a session is that they stopped worrying for the whole hour.

Social benefits

In group sessions, participants feel more bonded with each other, making Laughter Wellness an excellent choice for seniors events and for building communities. Aged care facilities have employed Laughter Wellness to strengthen the relationships between residents and carers in a positive and stress-relieving way.

Spiritual benefits

One effect of Laughter Wellness is the stilling of the mind – fluctuating thoughts and worries are put in the background and participants come into contact with their own inner peace. With regular practice, Laughter Wellness can help seniors find their own peace and solitude away from the busy world.

“Molly taught a Laughter Wellness workshop for our Seniors Festival. I was very impressed by the easy, accessible exercises she taught that made everyone feel comfortable. We all left feeling much more grounded and relaxed. I hope to make it a regular part of our programming as I believe it will really enhance stress management and wellbeing for seniors.” – Gabrielle Higgins, Community Development Officer – Ageing, Disability and Social Inclusion at Leichhardt Municipal Council

Private & Aged Care sessions

Private and group sessions are available upon request. Sessions for aged care facilities may include any number of participants, in any state of health – we are all born with the ability to laugh. Choose from one-off sessions and regularly weekly sessions. Contact for more info.