Get grounded

MollyHealing, Yoga

Get grounded Grounding is one of the best benefits of a yoga practice. Molly Furzer explains why… One of the most overlooked yet important benefits of practising the yoga asanas (poses) is grounding. The term “grounding” or “grounded” refers to a sense of connection with the earth below you; a feeling of being supported by the earth and universe; a … Read More

Self-doubt is a miserable thing!

MollyHealing, Yoga

Self-doubt is a miserable thing! In life, there are lots of things we want to do, but often something stops us from even trying. Do you want to die with a long list of regrets? By Molly Furzer This topic is close to my heart, as it’s something I’ve been through many times. I’ve seen a lot of friends go … Read More

A diet for happiness


A diet for happiness If you often feel stress, anxiety, sadness, it could be partly due to your media diet. By Molly Furzer The practice of yoga asanas (postures) teaches us to be aware of our body, our breath and our mind. This is what makes physical yoga practice different to other forms of exercises – because at the same … Read More

Why do kids love yoga?


Why do kids love yoga? Any parent of a young child will know that crawling can start with what looks like yoga’s Downward-Dog Pose. Yoga is natural to kids. Molly Furzer explains… Building body awareness is a top job for a toddler. Learning to walk, run and jump are basics achieved at home. When little ones come to a yoga … Read More

Energy healing the intuitive way


Energy healing the intuitive way Molly Furzer explains why Intuitive Healing is so helpful for your general wellbeing and health. Did you know that health issues show up last in the body? First they register in your aura or chakras. They can start as blockages in the energy pathways when you find a difficult situation, emotion or trauma too hard … Read More

Stress no more – 1 easy solution


Stress no more – 1 easy solution Are you suffering from any of these: tight chest, shallow breathing, clenched jaw, achy neck, tense muscles? It’s likely you are stressed out. Molly Furzer explains how to relax in minutes. A quick and easy method to relieve stress is to use your breath. That’s right! Don’t reach for a can of Coke, … Read More