Stress & Anxiety Workshops

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Stress & Anxiety Workshops A workshop for children and adults to learn yoga techniques that release stress and ease anxiety In this workshop you will learn the key yoga poses, breathing practices and relaxation techniques to tackle stress and anxiety through calming the body and mind. Children as young as 3 years old are welcome to attend the family workshops. Not only … Read More

Yoga’scool in The Daily Telegraph

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Yoga’scool in The Daily Telegraph On Saturday 24 September The Daily Telegraph published a story about shocking new info that kids spend a lot of time sedentary and this is greatly affecting their health. I was interviewed and some of my Family Yoga students were photographed doing yoga. .  Here’s the full story that didn’t get published (newspapers often run … Read More

Kirtan – Open The Heart, Still The Mind

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Open The Heart, Still The Mind At the end of every Kids & Family Yoga class I play kirtan music to relax and still the mind while invoking an opening of the heart. Often children and parents will ask me about it, as it is truly beautiful music that stays in the mind. Kirtan is a bhakti yoga practice of … Read More

Dogs, Elephants & Nature

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Dogs, Elephants & Nature Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand was an experience to remember.   Nestled in the lush green hills of Northern Thailand, an hour’s drive from the town of Chiang Mai you’ll find elephants, dogs, buffalo and cats roaming among the grounds of Elephant Nature Park (ENP). The expansive animal rescue centre funds its work through … Read More

Soul Before Birth


Soul Before Birth The following is a transcript of a In-between Lives Regression I led a client through. She gives a remarkable account of heaven – the place where souls rest between their lives on earth. Regression transcript: Take a look at your feet, what do you see? I’m looking at my grandfather in this life. Are you in your … Read More

A Knight’s Tale


A Knight’s Tale This transcription of a Past Life Regression of Molly Furzer in August 2014, was a life-changing experience. “I had been vegetarian since childhood, by my own choice, and in my 30s had my lactose intolerance confirmed by medical tests. I was verging on veganism for this reason alone, but there was something more going on in my … Read More

HALT! Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired?

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HALT! Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired? Your worrying thoughts may get the best of you if are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. This week I am training as a Mindfulness teacher for teenagers, and later on will qualify to teach primary school kids. The takeaway tidbit I have learned so far is this easy to remember acronym: HALT – Hungry, Angry, … Read More

Book Review: The Mastery of Love


Book review The Mastery of Love By Don Miguel Ruiz Preface: I have been on the path of spirituality for quite some time now, starting yoga in my early 20s, then learning Reiki, Qigong, and trying lots of different healing techniques. What I know is that it doesn’t happen overnight, and it is part of the maturation process. You will … Read More

3 natural ways to relieve hay fever

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3 natural ways to relieve hay fever The constant sneezing, runny or congested nose and headaches or migraines from hay fever are no laughing matter. Ngaio Richards from the House of Fertility & Healing in Newtown offers holistic methods to tackle the dreaded spring/summer problem. Did you know that nearly 15% of the Australian population suffers from hay fever? To … Read More

Book review: The healing power of the breath

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Book review The healing power of the breath: Simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance concentration, and balance your emotions By Richard P. Brown and Patricia L. Gerbarg (Shambala, 2012)   When I was on holidays in the Indian Himalayas recently, I was on a 15-day tour that included yoga and chanting (kirtan) every day. We were fed yummy … Read More

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama!

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Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama! I attended the Dalai Lama’s 79th birthday celebrations at the first day of the annual Kalachakra teachings for world peace on Sunday 6 July in Ladakh, India. He said: India and Tibet have had a guru-disciple relationship, with Buddhism coming originally from India, contributions by great masters. He said he has three objectives he talks about … Read More

In remembrance


In remembrance of my teacher Mary I would like to give big heartfelt gratitude to my yoga teacher Mary Jolin, who passed on to the higher realms on 3 April, 2014. She was only in her early 60s and had fought breast cancer 3 times since 2002. She left this earth with the same grace that she walked upon it. … Read More

Farewell to a Teacher


Farewell to a Teacher Recently I got the opportunity to say goodbye to one of my most treasured spiritual teachers, Li Ying. Since my early 20s I have been lucky (or perhaps destined) to have some great spiritual teachers in my life. I started with a yoga teacher, Mary, who brought to my life a kind of yoga that I … Read More

Great Yoga Reads


Great yoga reads Here are some of my favourite yoga resources – these are great books for yoga students interested in developing their spiritual side or enhancing their at-home practice – or making sense of how yoga is changing your life! The Heart of Yoga: Developing A Personal Practice by T.K.V Desikachar (Inner Traditions International 1995) Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha … Read More

Tips For Yoga Students


Tips for yoga students Yoga teaches mindfulness, love and respect for yourself and others, plus humility. Just give yourself to yoga and feel the beauty of life! Here are some tips to keep you loving your yoga practice: Are you worried you’re not very flexible and won’t be good enough at yoga? Physical flexibility is not necessary for a student … Read More

Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra – time to relax! Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) is given at the end of yoga classes and Laughter Yoga classes at Yoga’scool. This time spent lying down allows your body to settle after the stretching and strengthening asanas of yoga class, or the highs of laughter in Laughter Wellness. It also gives you a most wonderful, stress-relieving experience … Read More

Energy Healing Releases Trapped Emotions

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  Energy Healing Releases Trapped Emotions Intuitive Healer Molly Furzer shares how energy healing can set you free from old emotions. Someone recently told me they tried yoga but didn’t like it because it made them angry and anxious. Yoga doesn’t make you angry – you already are! Yoga just shows you what is going on inside through a mindful … Read More

6 Ways to Boost Your Energy


6 Ways to Boost Your Energy We are each responsible for our own energy – for maintaining it, increasing it and protecting it. Intuitive Healer, Molly Furzer suggests these simple ways to make sure you keep your energy intact. 1. Put yourself on a negativity diet. Negativity lowers your vibrations, and attracts more negativity into your life! Eliminate all negativity: don’t … Read More

Look after your chakras!

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Look after your chakras! Intuitive Healer, Molly Furzer, gives the lowdown on chakras and looking after your energy body. If you’ve practised yoga for a while, you have probably become more sensitive to subtle energy, or prana, which is found in all living things. Prana comes into our subtle energy body through our breath, and the food and water that … Read More