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I’m a modern hippy, a teacher, a healer, a writer and much more. I’ve followed my heart in the search to feel good and have added tools to my kit along the way – and these are the things I want to share with you!

I was lucky to find yoga in my early 20s when I was stressed out in my first job as a magazine journalist. I joined a ‘stretch and relax’ class not knowing it was yoga. I was pleasantly surprised and it became the lifeline through which I found calm amid the chaos. I did not know then how yoga would play a huge part in my life, all I knew was that it felt really good.

After a few years of going to yoga classes with my beloved teacher Mary Jolin (now with spirit), I became interested in meditation and Buddhism. Around this time I won a level 1 course in Reiki, which I completed along with level 2 shortly after. I asked my Reiki master Frans Stiene if he knew of a qi gong class and he told me about Li Ying, who used the same room for her classes. It was too easy – my path was unfolding as if it was being directed from above.

Qi gong and yoga became my mainstay practices for over a decade, providing the self-healing and inner peace I so desired. I am forever grateful to Li Ying (also now with spirit), for holding the space in which I could shed so much fear and anxiety and appreciate the positive side of being sensitive to energy, and my ability to work as an energy healer.

At the age of about 27, I was in a yoga class doing Child’s Pose and became aware of an inner knowing that this practice was natural for me and I needed to share it. Even though I was shy and never considered a career as a teacher, I completed yoga teacher training over 12 months with the International Yoga Teacher’s Association and began teaching my own class in Newtown straight away.

As has happened many times in my life, my next teacher showed up at the right moment. I was offered a three-day training in kids yoga for free. I went for fun, with no intention that I’d teach kids. But sure enough it revealed my passion for teaching children – in fact, years later I had a dream that explained I was always meant to teach yoga to kids and the path had led me to this point. I believe that when children have yoga they can support their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

I am passionate about creating global change through our next generations. I want children to have the tools of yoga – methods to calm or balance their energy; ways to go inwards and realise their own power; self-esteem and self-love learned from within – and a deep understanding of the importance of compassion and kindness in life. My hope is that by giving yoga and meditation to children, we will have generations not only able to cope with the rapidly changing world but able to flourish.

Teaching yoga to kids is not as easy as it might sound, yet with 10 years of yoga teaching experience and loads of training, I’ve learned all the tricks! I am registered with Yoga Australia as a Level 2 Yoga Teacher (which requires 500 hours of training) and a Children Yoga Teacher (which requires 300 hours of kids and adult yoga training). This has required a huge commitment of time, self-discipline, energy and finances, but I know it is worth it every time I see smiling faces at the end of a class.

All of the trainings I have done contribute to my teaching style. I’m grateful to have found Laughter Wellness, a simple and effective system I share with people of all ages and health conditions. This playful and fun complementary healing practice gives you the feeling of a yoga class without the effort! I was stunned how good I felt after going to a class and quickly trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader, then went to the annual All America Laughter Conference and completed Sebastien Gendry’s Laughter Wellness Teacher training, making me one of the first certified teachers in Australia. With Laughter Wellness you can achieve emotional, physical and spiritual healing – and you can do it all seated!

In 2015 I certified as a mindfulness .b Teacher through the UK-based Mindfulness In Schools Project, which has pioneered the teaching of mindfulness to primary and high school students in schools throughout the UK and now the world. I’m especially excited about this program, which is delivered in a ‘cool’ way that kids will love.

In addition to teaching, I mantain a healing practice that draws on intuitive energy healing and regression therapy to help people of all ages remove internal blocks, release old patterns, move ‘stuck’ emotional energy and come back into balance energetically. I’ve benefited from these practices myself and I’m confident you will, too.

Yoga, laughter and meditation have a lot to offer. But for me, these practices are not things you just do in class; after nearly 20 years of yoga practice, I can say it is my lifestyle – my thoughts, my actions, my way of living. I practice kindness and compassion by following a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle. Starting with kindness and compassion to yourself is key, so I try to be in nature as often as possible, take long walks with my dog and have lots of laughs learning how to hula hoop and play guitar.

I hope you find something inspiring here at Yoga’scool.

Molly Furzer
Founder, Yoga’scool


2006 Yoga Teaching Diploma, International Yoga Teachers’ Association
2009 Spinal Integration Yoga Workshop with Donna Farhi (5-day intensive), Sydney
2011 Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate, Rainbow Kids Yoga
2012 Partner Yoga Teacher Certificate, Sun Moon Partner Yoga
2013 Foundation Kids Yoga, Zenergy Yoga
2014 Yoga Therapy For Children, Zenergy Yoga
2014 Yoga For Children Advanced Training, Zenergy Yoga
Working With Children Check


2012 Laughter Yoga Leader, Sydney Laughter
2013 Laughter Yoga Teacher, American School of Laughter Yoga
2014 Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 1, American School of Laughter Yoga
2014 Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 2, American School of Laughter Yoga


2002 Reiki Level 1, International House of Reiki
2003 Reiki Level 2, International House of Reiki
2004-2012 Qigong certificates and ongoing class attendance
2012 Meliae Intuitive Healing certificate, Flying Souls
2013 Past Life Therapy Regression Facilitator certificate, Toni Reilly Institute