Soul Before Birth


Soul Before Birth

The following is a transcript of a In-between Lives Regression I led a client through. She gives a remarkable account of heaven – the place where souls rest between their lives on earth.

Regression transcript:

Take a look at your feet, what do you see?

I’m looking at my grandfather in this life.

Are you in your current life?


Are you male or female?


What’s happening?

It’s like dancing or jumping…

Is anyone else there?


How do you feel?

I feel good, like I could stay here.

How do you feel about your grandfather?

I think he’s just showing me the way. It’s funny because he was dressed for work, it was like he was a guardian or doorkeeper or something like that, like protection.

How old are you?

I feel quite young, maybe 5 or 6.

Where’s your family?

They’re waiting for me, but I don’t want to go.

Where are you?

In heaven.

Why are you in heaven?

Because I haven’t been born yet.

What does it look like?

It just looks like light, like sunlight but white.

How does it feel?

Like love times a thousand. [sobbing]

Are you crying because it’s happy?

I’m free. [sobbing]

I feel like my grandmother’s here, from this life.

Can you ask her a question?

She’s trying to console me about coming to earth again, that there’s a lot of work to do.

Is that work you have to do?

That everyone has to do – we’re all in this together.

I’m seeing a circle of souls.

Are you seeing your soul group?

I feel like it might be my collective generation, so all those born within a couple of years of my birth, who are helping. We’re just praying for the earth and we are trying to give each other strength to do it, to come back.

Why is it so hard to go back?

Because everyone is so cruel and hateful and angry… confused. I feel like we’re being lined up, kind of like when we go on an airplane, like when you’re going to jump out of an airplane. But this time you’re kind of going out, like on a slide, so you jump down, slide and it’s sort of like those typical movies like “go, go, go”.

And I feel a little bit more reassured now because we’re kind of playing a game with it, so we’re seeing our souls as spiritual soldiers, “we can do this together”.

It’s sort of like every subsequent generation that comes through after me, it’s like the vibration has changed – we’ve got to be quite hard, maintain our individuality and be quite strong and independent and have a lot of courage to do what we need to do. I think it gets easier with every subsequent generation, so they don’t have to [be like that]. It’s like we’re taking it for the team – in war terms, you’d have your inventory doing what you need to do and then the back-up coming along. I feel those are the most comfort metaphors I can use for describing what my generation has to do.

Is there anyone there with you besides your generation? Is anyone guiding you?

Yes, there is… people who organise the deployment, they are overseeing each soul going into its next life and trying to keep an order. Because it’s a lot about timing in terms of what time you’re born, the day you are born, the name you are given. There’s so much more of the process that they orchestrate the circumstances in order for each soul to achieve what it needs to achieve. It’s like we are all in a line waiting for our turns. I almost feel like things are still prone to change even up to the point of birth, so I think you can decide not to go through with it, so for instance if a child was stillborn or there was a death due to complication at time of birth because the soul has retracted the choice to come. We have the choice until the second we are born.

Do you know who your parents are?

Yes, they are both quite individual in their own way, and quite independent so that is a really good vibration for me, because they’ll teach me those lessons. And they’re also very different, so it will teach me more about the dynamic of relationships and the negatives. My mum is quite a young soul compared to myself, because she is still quite naïve. When I was watching her I felt like she didn’t really take on board her lessons as a person but chose to put them aside and forget about them, which to me was a naïve approach to things. But I think, at the end of the day, I was drawn to her because she has the potential for wisdom, insight – and her female line is quite gifted, so even though she may be quite naïve in some ways she is quite perceptive in other ways. She chooses when to turn on her gifts or ignore them and go into a victim mentality.

My dad is quite emotionally damaged because he didn’t know his father and doesn’t have a very good bond or connection with his mother, so I feel like he perhaps never got the nurturing that he possibly desired. But he is also a part of a family that can step in and nurture him a little bit. I feel like he has got so many questions – he is quite a confused soul. I just got told that my sister took on his karma.

Which sister?

My eldest.

Is she already there on earth?

Yes she’s six years older than me.

My soul group is here and they’re encouraging me and playing games to take my mind off it, because it’s kind of like being in the waiting room of a hospital or dentist – not that there’s any time but there is a process, a timeframe.

Is that to do with earth’s time?

Yes we’ve got to wait for them to catch up and you’re sort of, in human terms, studying souls of the next lifetime, sometimes 30 years before being born – I just pulled that number out, I don’t know why. You’re just kind of waiting but also doing other things at the same time, so it’s quite hard to talk about it. Because it’s like, I’m seeing one analogy would be a motorway, like in LA with all the zigzagging bypasses and cars going in all directions, all kind of a mess, as chaotic as it may look, it’s like your soul is the motorway, and the cars, and the people in the cars. You can do so much more than you think you can do, in terms of how you can create yourself and express yourself. You’ve always got projects on the way and some overlap and some don’t have anything to do with one another, it’s all over the place.

Do you recognise anyone in your soul group from this life?

I can see my partner in this life, Marlon. I’m focusing on his energy, just wondering, because I’ve got people around me but I’m more focused on him. I think we are comforting each other and saying ‘I’m not far behind you’ and ‘you can do this’. I think he may have been the last person I saw before I came here. I just got told that my friend Nicola was in my soul group but she was gone before me, and Marlon is after me. Potentially I’m not seeing anyone because they’ve already gone to earth.

Is there a guide?

Yes there is a guide, Mattius, or something like that

What is the purpose of your soul group?

It’s mostly a collaboration, like a study group, we swap notes and compare experiences and you just talk about why you made that choice as opposed to that choice. It’s like we have to debrief each other from the lifetimes. And it’s like sometimes we are study buddies – we can view aspects of the life to give them constructive feedback or another perspective on what they did and didn’t do – like being each other’s teacher’s aide, helping each other to learn and do the best we can do.

Do they have any messages for you?

Always stay true to you – because no-one really has the right or the authority to say that you’re not meant to be doing what you are doing or acting they way you are acting. So it always comes back to you – if you remember that you’re the one that’s going to review your life with the council, then to hell with everyone else’s opinions because that’s your unique review and they are never as harsh as what people on earth think of you. So I guess what they are trying to say is remember that this is all a game, it’s all voluntary, all souls participating to the best of their ability and that’s it – you can’t expect more than that from anyone.

I’m getting told that the book The Little Soul in the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch is a really good book in terms of explaining that souls will wear costumes in order to help you progress – good guy outfits, bad guy outfits, neutral outfits, opinionated outfits – whatever the lesson is they will wear that costume for you.

If you need to believe in yourself they’ll wear your worst critic outfit, if you need strength, maybe they play the victim outfit or the bully outfit and you have to stand up to them and show your strength. It’s so irrelevant – the way that humanity views each other, treats each other, is just so far from the script it’s not funny. But at the same time you’ve got to maintain the balance of knowing that people have created their own script and you can’t just go ‘your script is wrong, update it’. You’ve got to have respect for them but don’t waste your time either, don’t mull over their script and somehow think ‘my script is wrong’. Just move on and recognise it for what it is. This is why we need this therapy [Regression Therapy] – we need to remember not to take life so seriously as we are, and have a lot more fun with each other and be a lot more forgiving of each other. It’s not a race, you are not competing with anyone except for maybe yourself but the soul wouldn’t even do that – its not about advancement, its purely about expression.

I just saw myself as a child and my grandmother was holding me and she knows who I am. She does remember who I am. So there’s quite a lot of love between us because of that. I’m becoming aware of how irrelevant everything is, because the soul is so in charge it’s not funny. So I’m becoming present to the power of each soul, of spirit, and it’s like playing a game that you know you’re always going to win. I think we create more of that duality in the potential of losing a game than what actually does happen, like if you look at the game snakes and ladders – in the Divine game there are no snakes, you don’t go down, you are always going up. So what was I worried about? There’s no way you can lose. So it’s a little funny and ironic… and perfect.

Where are you now?

I’m wearing robes of white, I’m being directed to go somewhere. I feel like I’ve gone into a room where there are babies or children. I feel like I like to be with the energy of babies, yes specifically babies. So I’m kind of looking after them or watching over them.

Are you still in heaven?

I think so, yes. It’s like a guardian angel role, but more like an energetic role for them.

Are these babies going to earth?

I’m getting confused messages. I’m being told some of these babies did go to earth and died or were killed – I actually think these babies are here for healing. Yes they’re here for healing. So I think for those who experienced trauma as a young infant come into their own room or healing space, and one of my jobs is to watch over them, kind of like being a gardener, you send them light and love and wait for them to wake up to that. It’s like some of them are in comas in a way. So we help them get ready for the next phase of healing or progression – it’s kind of an in-between healing place. That’s what I like to do, kind of like a nurse.

Are the elders or masters near you?

No they are a little while a way, well not really, but if you were in a building they would be in the top floor.

Do you feel satisfied with these answers?

I just saw a nun in a white outfit with a silver cross.


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Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2007. She teaches Kids & Family Yoga, Mindfulness for children and teens, and Laughter Wellness for adults. Molly also offers intuitive healing and regression therapy in private sessions.