Energy Healing Releases Trapped Emotions

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Energy Healing Releases Trapped Emotions

Intuitive Healer Molly Furzer shares how energy healing can set you free from old emotions.

Someone recently told me they tried yoga but didn’t like it because it made them angry and anxious. Yoga doesn’t make you angry – you already are! Yoga just shows you what is going on inside through a mindful practice of awareness of body, mind and breath. By bringing stillness within.

It’s often the case that a beginner meditator will find it very difficult to face the multitude of thoughts they soon become aware of. Where were these thoughts before? They were always there, you were too busy focusing on something else to notice.

In this day and age we have a lot of different methods available to us to distract ourselves from what is really going on, or what needs to be faced. Feeling an emotion you don’t quite like? Go eat something to stuff it down; or use alcohol to dull the uncomfortable feelings; or turn on the TV and “zone out” in a fantasy land.

Facing our emotions is one of the healthiest things we can do. Emotions are a type of language that tells us how we feel about things. So when you really listen to your emotions, you can make better decisions for yourself.

If you choose to ignore your emotions rather than process them, you are placing them in your energetic body. This can become a problem, as energy tends to stagnate with such blockages. Your health – mental and physical – can suffer, as disease starts in the energetic body and shows up last in the physical body.

So what is the best method for processing emotions? It’s simple: just sit with the emotion. Don’t try to deny or control the emotion, just be aware that it is there. Place it in an open palm and let it be. By not resisting the emotion, it will go on its own accord, without extra energy expended.

It’s interesting to look at what triggers your emotions – often you’ll find a pattern. It might be a similar situation or circumstance that brings up the same emotional reaction every time. Why does this happen? Sometimes it’s from childhood – a traumatic event to the eyes of a three-year-old (you didn’t get the toy you wanted) could produce a range of emotions. An event in adulthood can trigger the same emotional reaction (often the reaction seems inappropriate to the circumstance ).

Which leads us to the question, how do we get rid of old emotions locked away in the energetic body? Yoga and meditation together are a powerful duo of tools that both move energy in the body and help release emotions. If you’ve ever done a backbend in yoga class and then felt very emotional, it’s because poses like these can “open” the heart and literally let emotions out. The same goes for hip stretches such as Pigeon Pose, as we tend to hold a lot of unprocessed emotions in the hips.

As a yoga teacher and Intuitive Healer, and through my own personal healing experiences, I truly understand the benefits of doing this work on ourselves. It may at times feel uncomfortable, or even gruelling, but getting through to the other side you will feel lighter, happier and more balanced. This healing work is an ongoing process, as life will never be as smooth as we’d like. So being consistent with your “cleaning” will pay off in the long term (just like visiting the dentist regularly).

Intuitive Healing is like yoga in that it moves energy through the body, but at an increased pace. The client lies on a massage table fully clothed, while the healer works to channel universal energy through their hands. Unprocessed emotions can be removed easily through this process, freeing up the energy to flow easily for optimum health.

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Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2007. She teaches gentle yoga to adults and Kids & Family Yoga in the Rainbow Kids Yoga method. She also leads Laughter Yoga classes and offers Intuitive Healing.