6 Ways to Boost Your Energy


6 Ways to Boost Your Energy

We are each responsible for our own energy – for maintaining it, increasing it and protecting it. Intuitive Healer, Molly Furzer suggests these simple ways to make sure you keep your energy intact.

1. Put yourself on a negativity diet. Negativity lowers your vibrations, and attracts more negativity into your life! Eliminate all negativity: don’t participate in drama or gossip; be careful in choosing TV shows, movies and music; select news sources that are balanced, not sensationalist; avoid people who are mostly negative. Make sure you start your day with positivity – meditate, do yoga, chant or read an uplifting book.

2. Practice meditation and yoga. These are daily practices to clear the cobwebs from your energetic body and bring fresh energy in. Let go of mental stress, physical tension and anyone else’s energy you’ve picked up in your day. You can only increase your consciousness, so keep practising and feel the benefits of raised vibrations.

3. Eat well. A healthy diet that is suitable for your constitution will enable you to feel your energy vibrantly and clearly. This means addressing any food intolerances; keeping variety in the foods you eat; and moderating your intake of stimulants and depressants such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Some suggest that eating dairy clouds your energy, so consider eliminating it for a period of time to understand how it affects you.

4. Exercise outdoors often. Regular exercise outdoors, such as walking in a peaceful natural environment, helps to move energy through your body. If you find you have been going through a fairly emotional period, walking will help you to release the associated energy out of your feet. And being surrounded by nature will revitalise your energy state.

5. Ask for protection. Every morning visualise a protective sphere around your body. Fill it with white light, then cover it with a layer of gold. Set the intention that you will keep your energy and not give it away, or take on other’s energy, unless you want to. If you feel you have taken on someone else’s energy, use the following statement as an intention: “I release any energy that is not my own.”

6. Get support. Most people intuitively know when they need to seek the assistance of an energy healer. You could be feeling unbalanced or drained of energy due to an energy block or leakage. Or you could be going through a difficult time in life and need support. For others, there are personal goals in place and a desire to achieve lasting change.

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Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and achieved level I and II Reiki in 2002. She has been practising Qigong (Chinese energy healing) since 2004. Molly is a certified Meliae Intuitive Healer, trained by Flying Souls in Melbourne.