Why do kids love yoga?


Why do kids love yoga?

Any parent of a young child will know that crawling can start with what looks like yoga’s Downward-Dog Pose. Yoga is natural to kids. Molly Furzer explains…

Building body awareness is a top job for a toddler. Learning to walk, run and jump are basics achieved at home. When little ones come to a yoga class, they are asked to bend forward, bend backward, balance on one leg and more – the look on their faces when they do a yoga pose and feel a sense of achievement is priceless. And it’s for this reason parents LOVE watching their kids do yoga.

In a Kids & Family Yoga class at Yoga’scool, parents and their little kids (2.5 years to 5 years) do yoga poses together. You both get a nice stretch, have a laugh and reap the benefits of touch (regular hugs and touch are a necessity for growth, happiness and survival).

Parents learn how to play with their kids on another level. It’s common for kids who love the class to ask their parents to do yoga with them at home during the week; they remember their favourite poses and want to do them again, and again, and again. It’s really not a bad thing to get kids hooked on something that’s healthy, can build their coordination and concentration, and that can add to their emotional resilience.

Kids yoga is very different to adult yoga. Kids yoga is all about fun, games, music, dance and stories. We sit on mats forming a circle, use props like funny hats or soft toys, and pretend we are animals, bridges, houses, cars, planes and ogres. Imagination is key, and that’s not a problem for kids. Parents get the chance to be a like a kid again, and that is FUN!

So why not get your child interested in a healthy practice that can support them through the good times and the bad? Kids yoga is just the start for a long and healthy life.

Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2007. She teaches gentle yoga to adults and Kids & Family Yoga in the Rainbow Kids Yoga method. She also leads Laughter Yoga classes and offers Intuitive Healing.