Energy healing the intuitive way


Energy healing the intuitive way

Molly Furzer explains why Intuitive Healing is so helpful for your general wellbeing and health.

Did you know that health issues show up last in the body? First they register in your aura or chakras. They can start as blockages in the energy pathways when you find a difficult situation, emotion or trauma too hard to deal with and subconsciously decide to “shelve” it for later as a “too hard to handle right now”.

If you can imagine a river that flows freely as representing your energy body, throwing rocks in at every “too-hard” moment will affect the movement of the water. When the river is full of rocks, there’s a blockage, and it stagnates. This is what happens with energy – it can stop at one part of the body and stagnate, causing issues in your physical body (the organs, for example).

For your body to be healthy and vital, energy needs to flow freely. Regularly practising yoga asanas and meditation are fantastic ways to remove energy blockages and keep the energy flowing as it should. But sometimes we need the help of an energy healer, especially in times when you need support.

Energy healing comes in many forms. Intuitive Healing is a modality of energy healing in which the healer is guided by spirit to not only clear blockages but fill your energy body with revitalising energy. Current and past-life situations can become apparent to the healer and worked on in a way that sets you free from old hurts and limiting self-beliefs. It makes you feel amazing!

All you need to do is lie down on the massage table and set the intention to release all that no longer serves you. The session is very relaxing (some people fall asleep!) and can give you a great boost of energy for the following days or weeks.

You may feel energy moving into and out of the body as heat, pressure or tingling. Many of my clients report seeing white or coloured lights while they have their eyes closed – what they are feeling and seeing is the presence of Spirit. Spirit is the Divine, the place where we come from and go to. And we always have a link to Spirit through our spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

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Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and achieved level I and II Reiki in 2002. She has been practising Qigong (Chinese energy healing) since 2004. Molly is a certified Meliae Intuitive Healer, trained by Flying Souls in Melbourne.