Self-doubt is a miserable thing!

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Self-doubt is a miserable thing!

In life, there are lots of things we want to do, but often something stops us from even trying. Do you want to die with a long list of regrets? By Molly Furzer

This topic is close to my heart, as it’s something I’ve been through many times. I’ve seen a lot of friends go through it too. As an Intuitive Healer, I see it often in my clients.

It’s called SELF-DOUBT. I’ve put it in capital letters so we can really shine a light on it. Self-doubt keeps you from doing what you dream of. It makes you feel yuck inside. It can tear apart your self-confidence. And it is really not worth any of your time or energy!

If there is something that you really want to do – just do it! Push through the fear and doubt. If you fail, you just try again. We don’t always succeed the first time. Sometimes our plans need tinkering and a second or third try.

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway is a brilliant book by Susan Jeffers. This book really had a big impact on where I am today. It started in 2003 when one day in yoga class I had an insight that it was natural for me to do yoga and to teach yoga. Being quiet, and a little shy, I couldn’t imagine talking in front of a class and guiding them through meditations and poses!

I came across Jeffers’ book in the library and it set me on a course of doing things regardless of the fear that might arise inside. I signed up for a year-long yoga teacher training to get a diploma, which I thought would give me more knowledge, but I probably wouldn’t teach [see the self-doubt creeping in?].

I had been giving private lessons to a good friend so I could get some practice and she urged me to start a class when the training finished. I acted on her belief in me and started a class. It was pretty scary to put myself out there and for at least a year I couldn’t call myself a “yoga teacher”. But eventually I started enjoying myself teaching. It got easier with practice and I started to believe in myself more.

Any skill will require some practice to become proficient. You can’t expect to play the piano like Elton John with just a few lessons. So when people hear I am a yoga teacher and say “I tried yoga a few times but I’m no good at it”, I can’t help but give them this analogy.

The antidote to self-doubt is to believe in yourself. BELIEVE.

And if self-doubt creeps in, control your thoughts with mindfulness. Stop the negative self-talk in its tracks and focus on something positive. Take action towards your dreams. Try new things! Make your life interesting and fulfilling.

I am sure there are lots of people around you who already believe in your abilities, so just go do it!

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Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2007. She teaches gentle yoga to adults and Kids & Family Yoga in the Rainbow Kids Yoga method. She also leads Laughter Yoga classes and offers Intuitive Healing.