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Regression Therapy is an effective healing technique for physical, emotional and mental health. It encompasses three options:

  1. Past Life Regression: To recall a past life to learn any lessons of that life and heal a current life issue. (Read an example)
  2. Current Life Regression: To recall a time in your current life to learn the associated lesson and heal an issue.
  3. In-between Lives Regression: To recall your time as a soul in the in-between life stages to understand your life purpose here on earth and to meet your soul group and receive messages from your spirit guides. (Read an example)

Regression therapy has been pioneered in modern times largely by acclaimed US psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss over the past 30 years. He has used Past Life Regression to help many of his clients find health and inner peace by gaining deeper insights into their soul’s past lives. Many success stories have documented that current life fears and phobias have roots in past lives and can be cleared through memory recall.

I am very passionate about offering this healing therapy to those who are interested in healing themselves and reaching their highest potential, as I can testify how profoundly Past Life Regression therapy has helped me in my own growth and healing. Read about one of my most significant regressions here.

How does it work?

Everyone has memories locked away in their subconscious mind. These memories can belong to your current life, past lives, and time in the spirit realm. They can be accessed via simple guided meditation techniques that deeply relax. It is a safe and simple process in which you stay alert and present the whole time.

Your higher self (soul) will direct you to review memories that are significant to your current situation. For some people, recalling these memories will be visual images, while for others it is more of a knowing or sensing. By remembering past memories, the events or emotions lose their impact and are released – a cathartic healing effortlessly takes place.

As Dr Brian Weiss explains in his book Miracles Happen: “Our deeper minds observe the past-life dramas and say, ‘Oh, that’s where this obsession or fear or affinity or talent or relationship or symptom comes from. I get it. I don’t need it any longer. I will let it go.’ And then we are healed.”

You can record the session on your phone, so you will be able to listen to it at a later date and draw more meaning and information from it.

Benefits of regression therapy

From allergies and body aches to anxiety and heartbreak, Regression Therapy offers great healing potential. Examples include:

  • Emotional healing: love & relationships, guilt, shame, self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, grief
  • Mental health: anxiety, depression, fears, recurring nightmares/dreams
  • Healing of physical symptoms and illnesses: such as eating disorders, fertility, food intolerances, recurring migraines
  • Spirituality: understanding of your soul and life lessons


You may choose to have a past life, current life or in-between lives session, but your soul will determine that what you receive is what you need right now.

Sessions are 90 minutes and may be made in person in Sydney or via Skype online.

To make a booking, contact to make an appointment and then pay using your credit card or PayPal account with the PayPal facility below. Payment confirms your booking. You may also pay by EFT if you prefer – contact for details. Molly Furzer 0416 341 139 or healing@yogascool.net
Note: 48 hours notice required to reschedule. No refunds.

Regression Therapy

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Molly Furzer is a certified Regression Therapist, trained by the Toni Reilly Institute. She has been dedicated to a number of spiritual practices since 1999, including yoga, qigong and Reiki. Molly also offers Intuitive Healing and is a certified yoga teacher for adults and kids, and a Laughter Yoga Teacher. Learn more about Molly