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Intuitive Healing enables the release of what no longer serves you, what holds you back from being your shiny true self. Each session is a process of removing blockages from the body’s energy system, enabling your lifeforce to flow freely for ultimate health and happiness.

Energy, also known as universal energy or lifeforce, is what gives us vitality. Many healing modalities recognise that energy flows through the body and its aura (energy field around the body). Yoga calls energy prana; Reiki calls it ki; Chinese medicine calls it qi.

Blockages in our energy system are created when we are unwilling to face life events, and during periods of trauma and fear. These blockages can manifest physical or psychological stress and disease. The mind-body-spirit connection is well documented, so looking after our energetic body is very important to our physical and mental health.

Calling on Intuitive Healing when you are going through a time of change or trauma is an act of self-love. Many people seek Intuitive Healing when they are grieving a broken relationship or death, or are simply not able to let go and move on from a situation.


It was great to meet you and thanks again for my session yesterday, it was just perfect. Exactly what I needed and I am still blown away by how really connected we all are. It was so spot on. A very deep experience!” — Stacey

“The session that I had with you was incredibly powerful … I feel like I have made a breakthrough” — Roisin

“Molly is a natural-born healer” — Leanne

“I feel more confident and assertive… I’ve started writing music again!” — Alasdair

“Molly helped me through a situation where I was unable to move on from a previous relationship. The healing she did enabled me to cut ties to my ex and move on. It was quite remarkable the way it happened so quickly after the healing – the very next day things beyond my control occurred to sever those ties with my ex. I almost instantly felt lighter and happier.” — Melissa

What does a session involve?

Intuitive Healing is a blissful experience facilitated by the healing love energy of Spirit. For one hour you will lie down or sit and relax while the healing takes place. Hands may be gently laid on or be raised above your body. You may feel the energy as heat or as a pulsing sensation, while within the cinema of your mind you may see colours and pictures. Indeed, you may feel or see nothing but become totally relaxed. Rest assured that at whatever level you are open to healing, the session has met your needs.

After a session you may feel deep relaxation, less stress, have more love or belief in yourself, feel freedom from previous belief patterns or psychological limitations, be more positive and feel free of past hurts – just to name a few benefits! Some benefits take time to show up as the changes are gradually integrated.

Intuitive Healings are also suitable for children. Parents can choose to stay in the room with their child or wait outside.


To make a booking, you can pay now using credit card or PayPal, and I will be in touch to arrange a time for your session. You may also pay by EFT if you prefer – contact for details. Molly Furzer 0416 341 139 healing@yogascool.net
Note: 48 hours notice is required to reschedule. No refunds.

1 Adult or Child

Studio3Newtown, Level 1, 333 King St (at fork of King St/Enmore Rd), Newtown.
Awareness Institute, Suite 1, 20 Clarke St, Crows Nest


Molly Furzer has been dedicated to spiritual practices since 1999, including yoga, qigong and Reiki. In 2012 Molly became a certified Meliae Intuitive Healer, trained by Flying Souls in Victoria, and her healings have since been assisted by spirit. Molly also offers Regression Therapy as a complementary healing modality. Learn more about Molly.

  • Meliae Intuitive Healing certification (Flying Souls, www.flyingsouls.com)
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2, 2003-2004 (International House of Reiki, www.reiki.net.au)
  • Qigong healing certificates and practice, 2004-present
  • Past Life Regression Therapy certification 2013 & Between Lives Level 2 certification 2014 (Toni Reilly Institute, www.tonireillyinstitute.com