• Intuitive Healing
    Intuitive Healing

    Intuitive energy healing sessions to support your growth and healing. Click here for more information and to make a booking.

  • Regression TherapyRegression Therapy

    Regression sessions for Past Life, Current Life and In-between Lives to heal emotional and health issues. Click here for more info.

  • Healer Molly Furzer

    Molly Furzer has long known it is her purpose in life to offer healing services for others. Learn about her qualifications and interests in healing, yoga and meditation here.

  • Contact

    Call Molly on 0416 341 139 or fill in an email form here.

“Molly helped me through a situation where I was unable to move on from a previous relationship. The healing she did enabled me to cut ties to my ex and move on. It was quite remarkable the way it happened so quickly after the healing – the very next day things beyond my control occurred to sever those ties with my ex. I almost instantly felt lighter and happier.”