Happiness Playshop – 27 November 2016

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Happiness Playshop – 27 November 2016!

Join this 2-hour Laughter Wellness workshop, ‘playshop’, in which we will experience new techniques to unlock the feel-good chemistry our body can create through laughter and playfulness. Without this chemistry it is difficult for a positive mental attitude to exist.

We’ll explore the many techniques of Laughter Wellness, including:

  • Laughter exercises – to choose to laugh, without humour
  • Breathing exercises – from yoga, to calm the body and mind
  • Playfulness – games and other exercises that encourage being in the present moment
  • Mental fitness – exercises to keep our focus and concentration sharp, also creating new motor neuron pathways
  • Social connections – exercises for making and deepening relationships
  • Meditation & guided relaxation – to ground the mind and allow the body to absorb the changes that have occurred during class

This workshop is open to everyone, beginners are encouraged to attend! Children 5 years+ may attend with their parent or guardian (children are half price).

The benefits of Laughter Wellness are many – from relieving stress, pain and tension, to boosting self-esteem and confidence. It is very helpful to those undergoing health issues, and is suitable for all ages. If movement is a problem, it can be done seated. See more about the benefits here.

About the teacher

Molly Furzer is a certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 2. She also holds Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification (the second highest qualification in the Laughter Yoga movement) and has been trained in Laughter Wellness directly by the creator, Sebastien Gendry. Molly brings to this practice her skills in yoga teaching – pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation – plus her long-standing interest in spiritual personal development and intuitive ability to read class dynamics for effective teaching.


When: 4-6pm Sunday 27 November 2016

Location: Studio3Newtown, Level 1, 333 King St Newtown.

Bookings: $40/person, $20/child 5 years+. Book online here


Contact: Molly@yogascool.net or call 0416 341 139