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Why learning about past lives through Past Life Regression is therapeutic. By Molly Furzer

People begin yoga for many different reasons – for some it’s all about the physical, for others it’s about relieving stress by calming the over-thinking mind. Rarely do people start yoga purely for the reason of spirituality. Yet, after practicing yoga for a while, the spiritual door opens up naturally: the mind is quiet and our connection with our soul is strong.

Following your soul’s guidance, rather than working purely from the rational mind, delivers a life more true to your needs and desires. If you consider the idea of reincarnation, each soul has chosen a life path, with lessons to learn. Many of our most difficult times could indeed be life lessons that we’ve signed up for. Understanding the purpose of our past and current lives is helpful in getting the bigger picture of why we are here – and the result is that we live life with more meaning and a sense of peace.

Past Life Regression is a therapy that allows us to recall past lives. It’s a form of meditation in which we can connect with our soul, which will take us to a past life that is relevant to what we are going through now. For example, you have severe anxiety with money but have no idea why – a past life in which you went bankrupt comes forth. As the memory is recalled, emotions that were locked in the soul’s energetic body at that time are released and healing has effortlessly taken place.

Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to heal a range of conditions, from mental afflictions, emotional patterns, physical illnesses and pain. It is easy for anyone to do, and there is always some benefit from a session. One of the best unexpected benefits is that you have a sense of the life-death process, and any fears you had of death are lessened.

If you would like to learn more about this therapy practice, read Many Lives, Many Masters by US psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss. It’s an absolutely enthralling account of regressions with one patient who had many anxieties in her current life, which were resolved in sessions with Dr Weiss.

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