How to log-on to the universe’s support system

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How to log-on to the universe’s support system

By Molly Furzer

Instead of seeking answers from others, why don’t you tap into your own source of power? You don’t need a phone-line, and you don’t need a modem or a computer. The universe is ready and waiting to supply you with all you need, including advice to make you a stronger, happier person who is there to help others.

Here’s how:

Go for a walk in a nice environment, preferably surrounded by nature. Go slow, observe everything: the colour of the leaves, the sky, the clouds, the people around you. Now kick off your shoes and sit or lie on the grass. Close your eyes. Feel the earth beneath you and feel gratitude that it’s there to hold you up. Feel the sun on your skin and feel gratitude that it’s there to keep you warm. Feel the fresh air blow through your hair and feel gratitude for the oxygen that’s there to keep your body alive. By now you should have forgotten about everything else going on in your life. You’ve entered present time consciousness (PTC), ie the Power of Now.

When you’re in PTC the ego, which keeps you worrying and stuck in self-limiting beliefs, is taking a break. Your spirit is shining through and in command. Now that you’re connected to your spirit, ask a question, like “How can I improve my health?”. Spirit is connected with universe and will relay an answer. Sit quietly and wait for it to come. If your answer doesn’t come, don’t lose hope, it may appear later.

Do this regularly, trusting the information you receive, and it will get easier.

It’s interesting to note that most of my Meliae Intuitive Healing clients receive information during a session. They drop into a place of deep relaxation, which enables a connection with their spirit and the universe. Their own intuition is accessed and reveals amazing insights into their current and past lives. If you’d like to experience this yourself, make an appointment for a healing session. Call Molly on 0416 341 139 or email

Molly Furzer has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2007. She teaches gentle yoga to adults and Kids & Family Yoga in the Rainbow Kids Yoga method. She also leads Laughter Yoga classes and offers Meliae Intuitive Healing.

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